jueves, 25 de enero de 2007

Las grandes preguntas sin respuesta

De la revista Wired

The Big Questions

What’s at Earth’s core?
Is time an illusion?
How does a fertilized egg become a human?
Why do we sleep?
What happened to the Neanderthals?
Where did life come from?
How can observation affect the outcome of an experiment?
How do entangled particles communicate?
Why do placebos work?
What is the universe made of?
What is the purpose of noncoding DNA?
Will forests slow global warming - or speed it up?
What happens to information in a black hole?
What causes ice ages?
How does the brain calculate movement?
Why do the poles reverse?
How does the brain produce consciousness?
Why is fundamental physics so messy?
How doth human language evolve?
Why can’t we predict the weather?
Why don’t we understand turbulence?
Is the universe actually made of information?
Why do some diseases turn into pandemics?
Can mathematicians prove the Riemann hypothesis?
Why do we die when we do?
What causes gravity?
Why can’t we regrow body parts?
Why do we still have big questions?


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