martes, 6 de marzo de 2007

Ultimo número del Latin American Research Review, 42(1), 2007

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Journeying through Jim Crow: Spanish American Travelers in the United States during the Age of Segregation
by Laurence Prescott

Global Communities and Hybrid Cultures: Early Gay and Lesbian Electoral Activism in Brazil and Mexico
by Rafael de la Dehesa

Usos y Costumbres and Postelectoral Conflicts in Oaxaca, Mexico, 1995-2004. An Empirical and Normative Assessment
by Todd Eisenstadt

Partisanship during the Collapse of Venezuela's Party System
by Morgan Kelly

Disunity in Diversity: Party System Fragmentation and the Dynamic Effect of Ethnic Heterogeneity on Latin American Legislatures
by Jóhanna Kristín Birnir and Donna Lee Van Cott

Research Reports and Notes

Promoting and Preventing Political Change Through Internationally-Funded NGO Activity
by Brown, Brown, and Desposato

Review Essays

Beyond Invisibility: Afro-Argentines in Their Nation's Culture and Memory
by Robert J. Cottrol
Crimes, Frontiers, and Stories of Extermination: Violence in Argentine Literature
by Carolina Rocha

The Politics of Impunity: The Cold War, State Terror, Trauma, Trials and Reparations in Argentina and Chile
by Silvia Borzutzky

Poverty, Inequality, Policy and Politics in Latin America
by Michelle Dion

Imagining a Continent: Recent Research on Latin American Theatre and the Performing Arts
by Beatriz J. Rizk

Evolving Transnational Migration Systems: Linking the Americas "from Below"
by Dennis Conway

The Meanings and Experience of Violent Deaths in Twentieth-Century Latin America
by Patrick Timmons

Multiculturalism, Identity, and the Articulation of Citizenship: The "Indian Question" Now
by William D. Smith

Translated Abstracts

Notes on the Contributors

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