miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2007

El debate sobre la izquierda en Francia

Ver el dossier sobre la izquierda en Francia, del último número de Le Nouvel Observateur.

"Comment etre encore de gauche?" asks the front-page headline of the Nouvel Obs. The same question heads a pre-print from Bernard-Henri Levy's new book, "Ce grand cadavre a la renverse" (Grasset), in which he extends his definition of what it means to be left-wing. In this he voices his loathing for what he calls the "chauvinist left": "I dislike the way this part of the Left calls itself sovereignist to avoid saying anti-Europe. I don't like the way it yells 'Republic! Republic! from the edge of the field, as if someone was thinking of taking their republic away from them."

The 'chauvinist Left" promptly responds in a pro and contra which borders on polemic. Philosopher Michel Onfray, for example, rages against the "syllogistic artillery" which Levy wheels out in his book. "How could anyone still risk not thinking like BHL? What's behind this? The loathing of the left 'by the left' in the name of his leftists 'from the right'; the fetishism of a liberal Europe; a passion for America as the bearer of the true values - ah!- this sentence, glinting like the blade of a guillotine: 'Anti-Americanism is a metaphor for anti-Semitism'; (...) in other words: an ideological corpus which is snugly compatible with the liberal right of Bayrou and Sarkozy – if not with the 'left' of Segolene Royal..."

The dossier is rounded off with a discussion between Bernard-Henri Levy and philosopher Alain Finkielkraut.


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