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Sobre Bolivia

El estado de la opinión: los bolivianos, la Constitución y la Constituyente (IDEA-PNUD)

In its 182 years of independence Bolivia has had 21 different Constitutions, numerous constitutional modifications, and several Assemblies and Constitutional Conventions. The current constitution and its two modifications have seen over a decade of political-institutional crisis and Bolivians are eager for the Constituent Assembly to resolve the lingering crisis with a new constitution that, above all, guarantees the rights of all citizens.

This study was conducted between June 2006 and July 2007 with the following three methods: (1) a qualitative analysis of social representation from 225 in-depth interviews (2) a national survey of public opinion with 3,300 case studies from rural and urban areas (3) six control surveys that presented 2,100 cases of public opinion that were carried out in each of the regional department’s capital cities and El Alto.

This book provides insight into Bolivians’ attitudes toward how their political system functions and the type of nation they envision for the future.

Capítulo I: Los bolivianos, entre la crisis y el cambio
Capítulo II: Los bolivianos, el Estado y las leyes
Capítulo III: Asamblea y el proceso Constituyente
Capítulo IV: Percepciones en torno al nuevo orden estatal
Capítulo V: Los bolivianos y el cambio: La emergencia de un nuevo sentido común
Anexo Metodológico

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