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Leftovers. Tales of the Latin American Left

La próxima semana saldrá a la venta un libro sobre la izquierda en América Latina, donde escribí el capítulo sobre la izquierda peruana. Hay planes para sacar después una edición en español, espero que pronto. Por ahora se puede comprar vía el editor, Routledge.

Over a decade ago, Jorge Castañeda wrote the classic Utopia Unarmed, which offered a penetrating and comprehensive account of the Latin American left’s fate at the end of the Cold War. Since then, the left across Latin America has travelled in paths no one could have predicted. Latin American nations from Mexico to Argentina wavered for years between leftism and American-supported neoliberalism, but in recent years the left has experienced a tremendous resurgence throughout the region. However, the left is not unified, and as Castañeda, Morales, and their contributors show, it has followed two distinct paths – a more cosmopolitan style leftism, exemplified by Brazil and Chile, and a left fuelled by populist nationalism that has clear debts to Perón or Cárdenas, and is most evident in Venezuela, Mexico’s PRD, Bolivia, and Argentina. Leftovers comprehensively updates this very important story, with country and area specialists contributing.

2008 Routledge
Table of Contents

Part 1: Revisting the Utopia

1. The Current State of the Utopia
Jorge G. Castañeda and Marco A. Morales

2. Have Latin Americans Turned Left?
Marco A. Morales

Part 2: What Has the Left Done Right (or Wrong)?

3. Ecumenism and Diversity: A Tale of Economic and Trade Policies of the New Left
Diana Tussie and Pablo Heidrich

4. Social Policy
José Merino

5. Nationalism
Jorge G. Castañeda, Marco A. Morales and Patricio Navia

Part 3: Case Studies

6. The New and the Old in Brazil’s PT
Gianpaolo Baiocchi and Sofia Checa

7. The Successful Chilean Left: Neo-Liberal and Socialist
Patricio Navia

8. Uruguay, a Role Model for the Left?
David Altman, Juan Pablo Luna and Rosana Castiglioni

9. Venezuela: The Left Turning Further Left?
Raul Sánchez-Urribarri

10. The Left in Peru: Wagons that Lack an Engine
Martin Tanaka

11. The Evolution of the Mexican Left
Kathleen Bruhn

Part 4: Prognosis

12. Where Do We Go Now?
Jorge G. Castañeda

MAS: por ahí pueden encontrarse algunos capítulos en línea. Ver por ejemplo el de Tussie y Heidrich:

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